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Power Up and Unlock Your Potential: An In-Depth Look at STREYDA's ServiceNow Education Program

Empowering Professionals Across Departments

In an era where technological agility defines business success, STREYDA. has emerged as a beacon of empowerment through education. Our latest initiative, the Power Up Program, epitomizes our commitment to delivering superior learning experiences to our customers. Specifically designed to unravel the complexities of the ServiceNow platform, this program represents a significant stride in both our evolution and that of our esteemed clients.

The Genesis of Transformation

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Our inaugural Power Up Program, tailored for 11 professionals from various departments of a client company, laid the groundwork for an extraordinary educational journey. Spanning two sessions of three hours each, the program was not just an introduction to ServiceNow but an in-depth exploration of a platform reshaping business operations and service delivery.

Session Insights: A Comprehensive Approach

The first session was an immersive dive into ServiceNow, covering crucial topics like Introduction to ServiceNow, SN Utils, and ServiceNow as a Database. The second session built on this foundation, focusing on Reporting & Dashboards, Flow Designer, and Service Catalog. Our methodical approach – a blend of theoretical insights, interactive discussions, and hands-on demonstrations using ServiceNow Personal Developer Instances – ensured a holistic learning experience.

Beyond Knowledge Transfer

The distinguishing feature of the Power Up Program is its emphasis on ServiceNow terminology, cultivating a common language between SN users and developers. This focus is instrumental in breaking down communication barriers, streamlining the process of reporting incidents and demands. It’s not merely about learning a platform; it’s about fostering effective communication within a complex ecosystem.

Streyda team

Positive Feedback and Future Endeavors

The initial iteration of the Power Up Program has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, underscoring its effectiveness and impact. However, this is just the beginning. We are poised to expand the program to over 40 new participants, broadening our impact and reinforcing organizational capabilities through skilled and informed professionals.

Tailoring for Excellence: The Road Ahead

The future of the Power Up Program is marked by evolution and personalization. Building on our initial success, we plan to develop a more nuanced version of the program, addressing specific needs and topics. This next phase will be even more customized, catering to the unique requirements of SN users from diverse departments, ensuring the training is as relevant and practical as possible.

Streyda’s Commitment: A Legacy of Excellence

At Streyda, our vision transcends providing mere training; we aim to be catalysts for transformative growth. The Power Up Program is a reflection of this ethos, combining our deep industry knowledge with a passion for education. As we forge ahead, our focus remains steadfast on empowering professionals, enhancing organizational capabilities, and shaping a future where technology and talent converge for unparalleled success.

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Michal Sedlák

ServiceNow Developer & Consultant


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