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ServiceNow Feature Technical documentation templates and our way of documenting in STREYDA

Do you know about NowCreate? How can it help you with your daily work? 

Is there anyone who likes to create and maintain documentation? Maybe they exist but let’s be real, most of us don’t want to spend too much time on it. 

Well, ServiceNow created a methodology to guide your project from design to delivery successfully with the best practices. This step-to-step guidance, based on real work experience, provides the resources necessary to implement a project successfully in the most effective and efficient way. 

You can watch this introduction video. Swear it will be quick 😁

Let's say you have a new project coming to your team and you must create a pack of stories. A lot of times, they are the same or similar to previous project stories. 

You can go to NowCreate (Log in first) and search for an asset with the stories for your features! An asset is a template that provides easier documentation of tasks or processes. This way you or your stakeholder don't have to do it from scratch. You can just download or copy paste to Jira, adjust, and voila! Or let’s imagine we have a Go-live and want to check if everything is ready

From the developers' perspective, when you are working on a feature, most of the time you are collecting info through emails and meeting notes. In the end, you should also spend some time documenting your work after it is done. A lot of information in different places, which are hard to collect later on…

Wouldn't it be easier if you could collect all the needed info in one document right from the beginning? 

In our team we have implemented this way of work. One or two documents with all the feature’s info, from design to delivery. Product Owner, Stakeholder and developers work together to document continuously. 

For example, two Spoc`s (Single point of contact) are in a call discussing their features with the stakeholders. One of them is leading the call and communication, while the other spoc is documenting everything in the moment. So, in the end we have all the info in black and white in case you need to double check anything. After completion of a functionality, you can also move the technical info into the proper part of the docs!

No leakage of information and a simpler way to document 📖

There is so much info and documents in the NowCreate... Who has time to read all of it?

We did it! After our research of NowCreate and workshops across our teams, we’ve done it! We curated two documents that can be useful for you, your team, and stakeholders! 

  1. Technical Documentation Template 

Flexible and adaptable to your team, with the Template Guidelines

One stop document, to input technical information about a feature with 7 chapters

[STREYDA] Technical Documentation Template
Download DOCX • 277KB

1. Introduction

2. Feature’s status & governance

3. Feature set up

4. Backend configuration

5. Frontend Configuration

6. User Acceptance Test

7. Go-Live

2. Stakeholders' Workbook 

To collect and capture information discussed with stakeholders

[STREYDA] Stakeholder workbook
Download XLSX • 244KB

1. Story templates - We have cherry-picked some universal stories for you

2. Case assignment

3. Catalog Items information

4. Variables

5. Form fields

6. Notifications

7. Dashboards

8. Reports

9. PDF Template

10. Approval Matrix

11. Email client template

12. Email filters

13. Plugins

In case of any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us! 

For the STREYDA team 


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