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Getting to know Streyda and ServiceNow

Since I had already participated in the development of company software for cowork in the past and enjoyed it, I wanted to stay in a similar industry, i.e. ideally in the management of company processes. What is important to me is the meaning of the work or product, so that it is beneficial and useful for others. The fact that one person can write a few lines of code and make the work of thousands of people easier is fantastic!

During my studies in the academy, I received several job offers from Czechitas partners, who appreciated my proactive attitude towards studies and the IT field. The position of Tester is currently widely used mainly in the banking industry, to which I personally have no relationship, and as a result, it would have a negative impact on my long-term motivation. Compatibility with the team and the idea of ​​the company were also quite essential for me. People should definitely come first.

So I found a new job in the old job...

I know my boss Lubosh from coworking. I had the opportunity to observe his journey from the very beginning when he founded his own company. Thanks to his hard work and determination, he expanded his team to include other colleagues in a short time. All the time, I was watching how passionate he is about his work and doing what he enjoys. For me, this is an important indicator of personal and company values.

When he also saw live that I enjoy my studies, that I devote myself fully and conscientiously to it, that I participate in IT discussions in the community and that I am interested, he decided to give me a chance and offered me the position of Junior ServiceNow consultant. After a brief consideration, I gladly accepted. And it was a hit! ServiceNow helps a huge number of large companies across the globe to set up and maintain processes, which was exactly what I was looking for!

What is required to work with ServiceNow?

Thanks to their excellent learning program Now Learning, I was able to learn most of the basics on my own and then just asked my colleagues about things that were not immediately clear to me. All courses are available live on the NowLearning platform with an instructor or on-demand where you can go through them at your own pace.

ServiceNow Fundamentals

It will introduce you to everything you need to know about SN (ServiceNow). You can't move forward without these basics. In all programs, theoretical teaching is combined with practical examples/labs, where you practice the learned material directly on the simulator. In the end, it is possible to complete the certification for Certified System Administrator.


If you activate your developer instance, you can try whatever comes to your mind. Well-crafted documentation always helps to find all the information and procedures. It is also important to have a reliable community around you that likes to share their experience and knowledge and that you can turn to when you're in a pinch. Here you will find other learning programs intended for developers, including documentation and useful information.

JavaScript - JavaScript is used in SN for both the frontend and the backend, and you definitely cannot work without it. I reviewed the basics directly for SN with this YouTube video from SN Guru - Chuck, who is very well known and active in the community.

Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals

Another super course for beginners SN development. Again, it is a combination of video lessons and practical labs.

It is necessary to have a basic awareness of the products that SN offers and which might be useful for you in the future. Each project uses different modules, according to the company's needs, and you need to know what to recommend to each company. I specifically went through Customer Service Management Fundamentals and HRSD Fundamentals.

The more you know, the more expert and better a consultant you will become :) Of course, the practice itself will give you the most. The joy of being successful is really worth it!

What did this year give me?

I got the opportunity to get to know the IT field from several sides. Even though the academy was primarily focused on testing, I got to know for example programming, tried out the individual tasks in practice, and chose which path to take. I am very happy that I was able to join and expand the female IT community. Every day I see many capable women around me who unnecessarily underestimate themselves or are afraid of changes. The more of us there are, the easier and more motivating it will be for others in the future. If you too are making a decision and are worried about a radical change of field, go for it! Most of the women in the course are now working in IT, so we've definitely raised the stats! Yay!

I would also like to thank Lubosh, who very patiently and with maximum effort explained things to me, put them into context in practice, supported me, and held me in moments when there was so much new information that my head was going to explode.

Our colleague Jakub deserves further thanks. He prepared me for the System Administrator certification exam and very willingly attended to me after work and on weekends when I was definitely not in the best shape and I would prefer to take a few hours off. Nevertheless, I did not give up and made it to the final exams successfully. However, this was only the beginning of the next stage...

Already after the first days in the new field, I had the opportunity to work remotely on a few European projects. I am currently a very fresh part of an international corporation based in the Netherlands. In June, I also went to my first onsite / onboarding to get to know my new colleagues in person! I'm really looking forward to the next phase of my new work journey and I definitely don't regret going for it! I look forward to new projects and everything to come!

I will be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn!

Junior ServiceNow Consultant


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