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From coworking front-desk to ServiceNow back-end

Hi, I'm Alisa, the newest addition to our Streyda team!

Last year, I set myself the goal that I would change my field during this year and move from the warm place at the head of the coworking branch to the IT world. Unexpected spoiler alert - it worked!

So far, I have mainly worked with people in the field of organization and services, and for the past 5 years, I have fulfilled myself as the head of a cowork branch for 400 members. Colleagues called me big boss (with all respect!) or brothel mom (I like this version the most), and for the members, I was Alisa, who always gave advice, help and encouragement.

I have always loved how technology facilitates our daily work and communication and "covers our backs".

It simply wouldn't be possible without various software, applications and tools! Since I wasn't quite like Alice in Wonderland on the technical side, I negotiated and collaborated with the developers on the internal coworking software and app on behalf of the coworking network. I tested both as a user for 4 years, reported bugs to the developers, and suggested changes and automation that made daily operations easier for staff and members.

I was hooked so much that I started to find out more information about development in my free time and came across positions such as Tester or Project Manager - and it was love at first click!

Until then, I had no idea that there were so many different options even for someone without a technical background like me.

Thanks to my research and insight into a new and unexplored field for me, I found out that I actually already hold the job of UA tester and Product Owner. My instinct did not let me down and it was here that I first thought that THIS could be the right path for me and a field where I can further develop myself and learn new things. Only the pandemic helped me decide to change. During it, I completed several one-day weekend courses and subsequently chose the field of Project Management on Google Coursera. At the same time, I played with the idea that I would like to sign up for even more intensive training.

Since the Czechitas courses support women in IT and receive very good feedback, I thought I'd just give it a try and see!

Thanks to the three-month digital academy for testers, I gained over 300 hours of theoretical

explanation and completed all assigned tasks with an honest attitude. The study took place in the evenings and on weekends, so I could combine it with my current job, where I suddenly became part of a community of technically oriented cowork members. They also supported me in my decision and answered my questions with patience.

Even before I was launched into the wild IT world, I had a unique opportunity to get to know the IT environment in more detail and meet experts, thanks to excursions.

Since I am practically oriented, I was very pleased that the course included illustrative examples and prepared me well for the specific activities that the new job includes. I was also surprised by how I threw myself into the basics of programming and coding during the course with so much enthusiasm. It definitely opened my way to the more technical part of the processes. In my opinion, the position of Tester seems to be an ideal gateway to IT and a bridge between programmers and users for a beginner. I can now look at things from both sides and participate in improving the product. I like challenges and so I am looking forward to what the new position brings, in addition to great friends and new knowledge and experience. I already know it is going to be worth it!

Junior ServiceNow Consultant

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