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Sending emails with the button in Tabidoo

We decided to create a small series of articles like "How to do" in Tabidoo. If you are looking for help or just advice, do not hesitate to contact us. This post is the first one from our "Tabidoo How to Do" articles.

Are you looking for an easy way to automate the email sending process with just one button? We have a very simple solution for you.


1. Click on the Settings button and navigate to the Table fields of your Table


2. Create new Field type Url/Mailto Link, Text, and Number

Don't forget to fill in the data in the table


3. Navigate to Edit application > App extensions

Enable Workflow Automation, Users and roles


4. Add a new record in the Workflow Automation table, choose trigger Custom Button and Choose your table

You can also use other triggers

  • When record changed - The workflow is triggered before/after a record is created, updated, or deleted.

  • When it's time - The workflow start time is calculated from a record field.

  • At the scheduled time - Periodic workflow - daily, weekly, monthly ...


5. Add action Send email

  1. Click on plus > Table fields > Choose email

  2. By clicking on the blue button “Fields” you can create auto insert syntax or copy and customize code. This way you can add custom information from the table to the body and subject of the email.



6. Add action Run script

doo.alert.showSuccess('Email','Email was sent')

Doo.alert also offers other types of properties such as

  • .showInfo('Title', 'Text')

  • .showWarning('Title', 'Text')

  • .showError('Title', 'Text')

You can also use doo.toast which will appear in the bottom right corner.

  • .success('Title', 'Text')

  • .info('Title', 'Text')

  • .warning('Title', 'Text')

  • .error('Title', 'Text')


7. Go to your Table Choose the record and press Send email button.


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