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On-premise or cloud storage?

Cloud - the application is hosted centrally in the data center without initial HW costs with a monthly fee. Cloud solutions are nowadays used by most companies because of their simplicity and security.



No initial cost

Cannot be physically accessed

No HW and SW maintenance costs

Access anywhere, anytime

Rapid deployment



On-premise - the system is software that is installed and operated directly on the infrastructure of a given company or user. The entire software is thus "in the company" - on its own server and workstations.



Offline configuration

Responsibility for HW and SW maintenance

Customizable to your exact needs

Responsibility for system security

Complete control option

High start-up costs


Why is Cloud storage increasingly preferred today?

The clear advantage of the cloud over on-premise solutions is scalability. At the SaaS level, this means that the client always has the latest version of the application being used. At the level of all cloud services, the possibility to expand the user data space according to the current needs. With on-premise solutions, additional HW equipment needs to be added to increase the capacity, which is a lengthy and demanding process.

What about on-premise and cloud affordability?

One of the most debated items is affordability. Cloud services are financially worthwhile in the vast majority of cases. Thanks to the fact that the client does not have to worry about the overall infrastructure and does not have to maintain an in-house team of IT professionals. In data centers, the client only pays for the space used and any other related services.

What is the future of Cloud solutions?

Because the Cloud solution has a long history and today the Cloud technology is both secure and very innovative. However, a lot of companies don't trust Cloud solutions. A very common reason is ignorance or fear of switching to more modern technology. Cloud solutions represent the future and sooner or later even hesitant companies will join Cloud services.


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