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Integrations as number one in the digital world


Integration is fast becoming the number-one strategic priority for organizations in the digital age. Customers now demand connected digital experiences across omnichannel engagements, while businesses are collaborating with partners and co-innovating with customers in digital ecosystems and business networks. Digital interactions are the de facto norm for collaboration. Ambient and embedded intelligence is becoming a reality – offering a great opportunity for organizations to become intelligent enterprises.


An intelligent enterprise is an integrated enterprise. Why has integration become so important? To become an intelligent enterprise, organizations need to tame complexity. Even more than enterprise application portfolios and landscapes, intelligent enterprise landscapes are heterogeneous and complex. Line-of-business leaders from finance and HR to procurement and sales have deployed ready-to-run software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to reduce costs and move faster. However, these solutions are not integrated. Data and processes are spread across multiple applications, obstructing a 360-degree view of the business and its customers, partners, and employees.

Integration Excellence @ SAP TechEd 2019 – integration://excellence – The  blog of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign

Integration can bridge these silos across applications, data, and processes. It can provide a foundation to apply intelligence, enable digital interactions, and create the connected digital experiences that customers so want. Traditional integration middleware technologies are complex, leading to lengthy integration projects that typically involve significant consulting efforts. The cost of integration can quickly become astronomical. We provide our enterprise-level integration platform as a service (iPaaS) – simplifies and accelerates enterprise integration and helps organizations quickly transition to intelligent enterprises.

Value of Integration

Enterprise customers are looking to solve three main scenarios using integration platforms. First, they need to support real-time digital interactions to improve business velocity and foster collaboration with their ecosystem of customers, cocreators, suppliers, and partners. Second, they need to create simplified connected experiences that lead to higher customer engagement. And third, they need to achieve process excellence by integrating end-to-end processes and embedding intelligence. Real-Time Digital Interactions.

Digital interactions are the de facto mechanism for enterprises to collaborate with customers, suppliers, and partners – thereby creating digital ecosystems, business networks, and marketplaces. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and ServiceNow Integration Hub help organizations:

  1. Integrate anything (people, things, processes, data, and applications), anywhere (on-premise, in the cloud, using edge computing) with a versatile cloud integration platform

  2. Share real-time data with their supply chain, business networks, and customers with well-managed APIs

Realtime digital intefation

Simplified, Connected Experiences

On one hand, customers demand simplified, connected experiences across devices and channels, at the time and place of their choosing. On the other, enterprises are grappling with a heterogeneous landscape in which data is scattered across cloud and on-premise databases and applications, including a variety of line-of-business SaaS solutions.

How can enterprises overcome this complexity and provide simplified, connected experiences? Integration Suites helps organizations:

  1. Orchestrate people, processes, events, and things with process and data integration

  2. Streamline workflows

  3. Automate decision-making with dynamic business rules

  4. Enable omnichannel experiences across devices and channels with well-managed APIs

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and ServiceNow Integration Suite complement our digital experience services to help organizations create those simplified and connected experiences for customers, employees, and partners through digital applications.

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Process Excellence Through Integration and Intelligence

As application portfolios become more and more heterogeneous, the need to smoothly integrate end-to-end processes such as hire to retire, lead to cash, and procure to pay across SAP and ServiceNow applications is more accentuated. These processes now run across multiple applications (SaaS, on-premise, or custom); integrating these processes enables business velocity and transparency. Integration Suite supports a 1:N hub-based integration model through harmonized APIs supported by more than 200 open connectors/ spokes to third-party applications, thereby simplifying end-to-end process integration.

Simplify Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite | SAP Blogs


Integration is the foundation for an intelligent enterprise. We are an integration specialist having experience with many integration tools and helping our customers accelerate their path to an intelligent enterprise by simplifying integrations by SAP Integration Suite or more-cloud-based ServiceNow IntegrationHub. To learn more about this topic you can contact us.


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