Data migration template

Data migration template

Coming up with a data migration checklist for your data migration project is one of the most challenging tasks, particularly for the uninitiated.
To help, I’ve compiled a list of ‘must-do’ activities that ​I’ve found to be essential to successful migrations

It’s not a definitive list, you will almost certainly need to add more points but it’s a great starting point.​

Please critique it, extend it using the comments below, share it, but above all use it to ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenging road ahead.

Sections in document template:

  • Basic info – we need to have exact files, SPOC on our and customer site, then identification of place where can find files and make a difference between Real data and sample data (could happen that customer has classified data)
  • Checklist – I’ve grab this form DataPro – its really good and could be used in global
  • DataMapping – source field, target field, comment, logic for each field
  • Migration rules – IFTTDT – general logic for creation / overwriting records from global perspective.

Data Migration Template.xlsx