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STREYDA Joins ServiceNow Technology Partner Program

STREYDA today announced the company's acceptance into the ServiceNow Technology Partner Program. STREYDA will integrate its digital capabilities into ServiceNow service management solutions for communication service providers and enterprises.

Membership in the ServiceNow partner program authorizes STREYDA to access ServiceNow tools and resources, provide implementation solutions to ServiceNow customers, and accelerate service automation engagements.

"ServiceNow is at the forefront of this evolution, delivering digital workflows that optimize the service experience, based on a partner program that leverages industry leaders for customized solutions. STREYDA is delighted to work with ServiceNow to deliver, assurance and intelligence for next-generation companies."

Lubos Strejcek, Technical Lead, STREYDA

STREYDA empowers customers into IT service management platforms, supporting these customers as they migrate to cloud-native, virtualized, and automated platforms. These partnership will enable closed-loop assurance in integrations – including the cloud, access, and enterprise layers – feeding into ServiceNow service management workflows.

Marketa Vesela

Backoffice Administrator


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