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Refreshing session in SN without logout

Very common business requirement is to update users roles dynamically without asking them to re-login and also profile pictures.

This problem is pending the fix related to PRB1360299/KB0951799 because the photo ref which is being used to get the image from the cache will now get deleted. Just run a following code in the background script, this is a kinf of usefull feature for developers.

Refresh roles without forced log-out


Refresh GlideUser session cache


GlideRollback usage

var rollback = new GlideRollback();
var modCount = 0;

var sys_user = new GlideRecord('sys_user');

var userId = "--put the sysId here--";
if (sys_user.get(userId )) {
    modCount = parseInt(sys_user.sys_mod_count.toString(), 10);
    rollback.toVersion(sys_user, modCount - 1);;
    rollback.toVersion(sys_user, modCount - 2);;


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