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Create HR Case in ServiceNow Add-in for Outlook

The ServiceNow Add-in for Microsoft Outlook feature lets you engage with IT directly from an email or, for IT users, quickly create an incident from an email and immediately assign it to the correct team. It also lets you create a VTB task by default. But there is no out-of-the-box possibility to Create HR Case, however, we can still add the functionality by configuration. This article is about the HR Case creation for MS outlook but the mentioned functionally could be used for almost every widget when the proper configuration is kept.

Activate the ServiceNow Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

You can activate the ServiceNow Add-in for Microsoft Outlook plugin (com.sn_outlook_addin) if you have the admin role

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Applications > All Available Applications > All

  2. Search for ServiceNow Add-in for Microsoft Outlook search bar.

  3. You can search for the plugin by its name or ID (com.sn_outlook_addin).

  4. Click Install, and then in the Activate Plugin dialog box, click Activate.

Procedure to Create HR Case Functionality in Add-in

  1. Navigate to sn_office_control.list

  2. Click New on the Office Controls page

  3. Fill as in the following code snippet and click Save

Label: Create HR Case
Description: Create a HR Case in ServiceNow
Type: MenuItem
Relative URL: /sncoutlook?id=outlook_hr_case

Parent Control: ServiceNow
Manifest: ServiceNow for ITSM

Icon URL(16x16):/images/outlook-addin/now16.png
Icon URL(32x32):/images/outlook-addin/now32.png
Icon URL(80x80):/images/outlook-addin/now80.png

*Manifest file could be a different or new one in case of dedicated HRSD Addin only for HRSD users eg.

4. Navigate to ServiceNow Add-In for Outlook > Office Add-In Manifests.

5. Click New on the Office Manifests page.

Procedure to Create HR Case Functionality in SNCOUTLOOK portal

Before you begin

Role required: admin, sn_outlook_addin.outlook_addin_setup

  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages

  2. Search for *outlook in the ID column and open outlook_vtb record

  3. Clone Page with the title as "Outlook HR Case" in title and id as "outlook_hr_case"

  4. Scroll bottom to related links and click on Open in Designer

  5. Replace the Create VTB Task widget with any widget you want to use and Save

Note: Be aware of scopes - the new page has to be in ServiceNow Add-In for Outlook scope

Deploy the ServiceNow Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Deploy the ServiceNow add-in for Microsoft Outlook to chat with a virtual agent, create incidents and VTB tasks from within the Microsoft Outlook.

Before you begin In addition to having one of the following roles on the ServiceNow instance, you must be an Office365 administrator to deploy the ServiceNow add-in.

Role required: admin, sn_outlook_addin.outlook_addin_setup

About this task

Deploy the ServiceNow add-in to Microsoft Outlook using the instructions in this Microsoft article: Publish Office Add-ins using Centralized Deployment via the Office 365 admin center


  1. Navigate to ServiceNow Add-Ins for Office > Office Add-In Manifests.

  2. Click New on the Office Manifests page.

  3. Fill in the form fields and click Submit.

  4. Click Download Manifest to download the add-in manifest file and follow the instructions in the Microsoft article for deployment.


On the Microsoft Outlook Home tab, click the ServiceNow icon and select Create HR Case.


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