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How to configure Object Structure and Result Set portlet in Maximo

How to display related information of the record in portlet without SQL edit of start center? You can now configure a Result Set Portlet with attributes defined In the Object Structures.

For example:

1. Go to the Object Structures application.

2. Create an object structure to be used in the Result Set Portlet.

Object Structure application


3. Go to the Report Administration application.

4. Click More Actions/Set Report Object Structure Security.

Report Object Structure Security

5. Now Create a new Result Set Portlet in the Start Center.

6. Click on the ‘Edit Portlet’ button.

Enter the Application/ Query saved in the Service Request application. You can see the object list from the Report Object Structure created in Step 2 and you can choose attributes including any relationship attributes.

Start Center – Portlet setup

Portlet – result set

7. Once the Result Set Portlet configuration is complete, you can see the result like in the screenshot below.

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