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The change background color of the panel by ActiveLink

Hello, I am working as a developer in BMC Remedy environment and would like to share a tips and tricks, this is my first post. My current version is 8.1.02 AIX Sometimes I have a new idea but standard BMC workflow doesn’t support few basic features, also workaround is necessary. BMC provides no option to change bg color of panel by ACL.

I am attaching actions that can be provided by active link. As you can see, there is no action similar to color changing. First option is make a splitter with 2 panels (black/white) inside of splitter and hiding/showing them due the two activelinks with different qualification. But there is easier workaround. Set the “Custom CSS Style” eg. unique identifier of html element of the desired panel to “changePanelBGColor” and execute the following line via “Run Process”, it is very easy to run jQuery action:

javascript:$('.changePanelBGColor > fieldset > div').css({"background-color":"blue"})

PS: Be carful with midtier upgrade because of new versions can change html structure.


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