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Azure and ServiceNow: Integrate your IT Operations to the Microsoft Azure

The Challenge

Across industries, enterprises have turned to the cloud to enhance agility and drive competitiveness. This is because cloud computing offers unprecedented opportunities to reach new markets, foster innovation, and dramatically lower IT costs. However, organizations face challenges when they embracing cloud-first. They lack visibility into their organization and services or face out of control cloud costs.

To confidently transition to a cloud environment, enterprises need best practices that deliver the same level of control, security, and governance found in their on-premise and private cloud IT networks. At the same time, these guardrails must be gentle, so that users such as DevOps teams can take full advantage of the cloud’s boundless potential for agility and innovation.

The Solution

Together, ServiceNow and Microsoft let organizations sweep aside this challenge. With ServiceNow Cloud Management and Microsoft Azure, we have worked together to create a comprehensive integrated solution that gives organizations complete visibility and control of their Microsoft cloud resources, while letting them fully exploit Microsoft Azure’s extensive capabilities and empowering agility.

ServiceNow Cloud Management provides consistent, repeatable processes for creating and managing services across Microsoft Azure subscriptions and regions. It also delivers unparalleled financial and operational visibility, giving Microsoft Azure customers the reliable service and application-level information they need to manage cloud usage and costs, create Show-Back and Charge-Back transparency, and ensure compliance with corporate security policies. ServiceNow customers can now leverage their investment for best-in-class management of Microsoft Azure – and Microsoft Azure customers can gain dramatically increased visibility and control of their Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

ServiceNow’s single system of the record creates a proven framework for the agile management of public and private clouds – whether you are already deploying advanced hybrid cloud architectures, or are just taking your first steps towards the public cloud.

How it works

ServiceNow provides full-service lifecycle management for Microsoft Azure. Using this out-of-the-box integration, enterprises can:

  • Manage their public and private cloud infrastructure using a consistent single system of record.

  • Let users request and track all of their cloud resources through a rich, self-service portal.

  • Create Azure application stacks with a single click of a button.

  • Automatically provision cloud services – including fully configured Virtual Networks.

  • Gain real-time visibility across your Azure cloud and other servers and containers.

  • Use service-aware discovery to identify existing cloud resources and bring them under management.

  • Identify service health issues and quickly pinpoint root causes to remediate.

  • Get cloud costs under control and simplify service access to your cloud resources including Azure across your IT real estate

ServiceNow Cloud Management uses the latest Azure technology for Azure provisioning, supports a comprehensive set of Azure IaaS and PaaS services, and is deeply integrated with the Azure Enterprise Billing API. In addition to managing Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow also manages private clouds using the same consistent approach.

This creates a comprehensive management framework for hybrid cloud environments, delivering total visibility and control – from initial cloud service creation through to final teardown.


ServiceNow and Microsoft Azure have created a deeply integrated solution for end-to-end management of Microsoft cloud services and resources. By leveraging this integration, enterprises can:

  • Use ServiceNow’s single system of record to standardize cloud management processes across public and private clouds.

  • Simplify cloud security by replacing multiple subscriptions with a common, role-based security model.

  • Maximize the productivity of cloud users and administrators, allowing them to take full advantage of public and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Understand the TCO of individual cloud services, so that lines of business can manage costs effectively.

  • Empower their IT teams to provide the right amount of governance for public cloud resources, and guardrails for ensuring end-user compliance with IT controls and standards.

  • Use ServiceNow ITOM as the main application for Security Incidents and integration with MS Graph API.

  • Integration HUB has a lot of spokes for Azure and documentation for usage.


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