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Agile and Test Management 2.0 Implementation in ServiceNow

This article is a brief overview of Agile software development and test management in ServiceNow, and it describes the benefits of Agile and test management in one platform.

The Agile Manifesto

The ServiceNow Agile Development application allows us to provide software projects with an iterative, gradual, and scalable strategy by handling and monitoring software development life cycles more effectively.

When we have many independent tools for developing, testing, and tracking projects, the link between changes and fixes, start-up activities, change processes, and implementation is separate.

Scrum Process in ServiceNow
Scrum process relationship diagram

The lean architecture integrates this product development life cycle workflows into one framework. Agile architecture manages the development of scrum or waterfalls and supports the management of activities accumulated over the life cycle, from the beginning to testing and deployment.

Then, throughout the entire life cycle of app growth, we achieve greater insight.

This functionality is located within the platform's IT business management field that focuses on the replicability of IT processes in order to ensure that tests are performed regularly. This plugin also supports test management processes relating to IT projects via PPM integration.


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